Prizma Art Gallery

Hugo Zavaleta

Stunning Still Life paintings

ITEM 0703

Oil on canvas
24'' x 47''

ITEM 0701

Oil on canvas
32'' X 47''

ITEM 0702

Oil on Canvas
24''X 47''

ITEM 0704

Oil on canvas
47'' X 28''

Mexican Master of Still Life, born in Mexico City on May 3, 1954. Inspired by the Renaissance artist Michelangelo was very young began making reproductions of his work. Initially he studied Psychology in the seventies but later studied art at the National School of Painting "La Esmeralda" from 1985 to 1990 and at the Academy of San Carlos from 1990 to 1991. At that time he met the painter Manuel Guillen who helped him improve his art. Recognized by Mr. Alberto Mizrachi, who is one of the most important art collectors in the country, in 1990 he mounted his solo exhibition "Nature pastel" in the Mizrachi Art Gallery. He taught drawing and painting at the National University of Mexico. His artworks have gained international fame as one Indonesian customer bought once 30 of his paintings.


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