Prizma Art Gallery

Raul Uribe

Amazing lanscape paintings

ITEM 3001

Oil on canvas
16'' X 20''

ITEM 3002

Oil on Canvas
12'' X 24''

ITEM 3003

Oil on canvas
8'' X 10''

ITEM 3004

Oil on canvas
20'' X 27''

Mexican master painter of realist mexican landscapes, was born in Mexico City in 1968. Admirer of nature, we can see great realism in his works; son of the painter Juan Uribe, who taught him the basic principles of art, showed great skill in drawing and painting since childhood. Landscape painter who has made a large collection of works through the years, many of his works have been sold to other artists and celebrities from Mexico. Among of his many exhibitions we can highlight his participation in the exhibitions "Magic Mexico" and "Mexico Meeting" at the “San Lazaro” headquarters of the Mexican Congress in Mexico City.


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