Prizma Art Gallery

Tino Narcia

Unique figurative metal sculptures

ITEM 8501

7'' X 9'' X 5''

ITEM 8502

13'' X 20'' X 6''

ITEM 8503

9'' X 8'' X 5''

ITEM 8504

11'' X 11'' X 2''

The Bull$1250
ITEM 8505

13'' X 9'' X 4''

ITEM 8506

13'' X 10'' X 7''

ITEM 8507

13'' X 9'' X 4''

Artist sculptor of figurative and abstract style. Born Florentino Trujillo, in Mexico City on October 16 1954. Important exhibitions: in 1989 in a ceremony dedicated to the 200 years of independence of the Republic of Haiti, in 1991 at the Del Carmen Museum of San Angel in Mexico City, and in 1993 a solo exhibition at the Department of Tourism of Mexico City.


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