Prizma Art Gallery

Maria Luisa Teutli

Stunning surrealist paintings

The Lovers$1550
ITEM 8703

Acrylic on canvas
24'' X 32''

ITEM 8701

Mixed on canvas
51'' X 28''

ITEM 8702

Mixed on canvas
20'' X 59''

ITEM 8704

Acrylic on canvas
32'' X 24''

ITEM 8705

Acrylic on canvas
47'' x 32''

ITEM 8706

Acrylic on canvas
20'' X 16''

ITEM 8707

Acrylic on canvas
32'' X 51''

Mexican master artist of surrealism, abstract and figurative subject. She was born on October 21, 1961 in Mexico City. Feeling drawn to art, she decided to study architecture, and after finishing school she decided to deepen her knowledge. Supported by masters such as Nolasco Vera Martinez, Carlos Navarro and Blanca Casanova, she gets the necessary weapons, with which it flashes her imagination on canvas. Toured several art galleries in and outside the country, always very well received. Because her work is so expressive that moves and inspires love whoever stops to look. Although considered within the ranks of Surrealism, she cares little about styles and loves the expressive freedom.


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