Prizma Art Gallery

Adrian Tavera

Beautiful Classic art paintings

ITEM 5201

Oil on canvas
8'' x 6''

ITEM 5202

Oil on Canvas
8'' x 10''

Linked$ 1200
ITEM 5203

Oil on canvas
12'' X 16''

ITEM 5204

Oil on masonite
12''x 16''

ITEM 5205

Oil on masonite
6''X 8''

Mexican surrealist artist, born in Mexico City in 1940. Studied at the School of Fine Arts and belonged to a group of artists known as "Initiators". What painter Tavera proposes in his works, is a journey through the cosmos fantasy, a dip in the turbulence of the exalted imagination in the confines of magic. Boasting a technical expertise and with an endless world, Tavera joins not only the testimony of surrealism but, by breaking down the essence of the meaning of life and time, makes its archetypes acquire the dimension of the paradox with nuances unattainable.


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