Prizma Art Gallery

Oscar Sanchez

Beautiful realist paintings

Absent$ 950
ITEM 1701

Mixed on canvas
38'' X 51''

Frida$ 1100
ITEM 1702

Mixed on Canvas
30'' X 44''

ITEM 1703

Mixed on paper
22'' x 30''

ITEM 1704

Mixed on paper
30'' x 22''

ITEM 1705

Mixed on canvas
41'' x 45''

ITEM 1706

Mixed on canvas
55'' X 39''

ITEM 1707

Mixed on paper
22'' X 30''

ITEM 1708

Mixed on paper
39'' X 30''

ITEM 1709

Mixed on canvas
35'' X 39''

ITEM 1710

Mixed on canvas
35'' X 43''

Colombian master painter and illustrator artist of figurative and realistic style, born in Bogotá Colombia in June 1986. Self-taught artist, learned since 15 years old watching the famous Colombian artist Oscar Jaramillo, and it was from there that became a lover of art. Countless works have been produced by his magic hands, we can see great quality and finesse in his drawings and illustrations, mastery of chiaroscuro and the human figure. Among several of his exhibitions two have been very important to him, at the Gallery “El Gato” in 2010 and in the Gallery “Casa Cuadrada” in 2012 both in Bogotá, Colombia.


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