Prizma Art Gallery

Manuel Rosas

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 8201

Oil on canvas
28'' X 39''

ITEM 8202

Oil on Canvas
39’’ X 32’’

ITEM 8203

Oil on canvas
28’’ X 39’’

Mexican master artist of Wild Life subject, lover of horses, Elephants, Lyons and anila life, he was born in Mexico City on July 30, 1967. As a natural born artist he showed his interest as a child in the neighborhood where he lived, Rosas was already showing an interest in drawing, and by his early teens he had begun painting, Rosas was encouraged in his intellectual and artistic pursuits and by the age of 5 was already exhibiting a natural talent. He continued to develop his abilities during grammar school and high school, working in a range of media and forming an early love for wild life and pop art subject matter. and then took some classes with teacher Hector Monroy who taught him the basics of drawing and oil painting. Subsequently he studied advertising and artistic drawing in a commercial art school. Many collectors have their art around the world, Through out his life he has presented numerous exhibitions.


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