Prizma Art Gallery

Renata Lledias

Unique modern art paintings handmade by the artists

ITEM 2000

Mixed on archival paper
16'' X 20''

ITEM 2001

Mixed on archival paper
16'' x 20''

ITEM 2002

Mixed on archival paper
16' X 20''

Mexican artist of figurative and fantasy art, Born in Mexico City on February 8, 1966. Her works are mainly figurative, and lead us to a romantic dream, where life is caught between warm colors, feelings and new experiences that capture and transport the viewer. Her compositions speak directly to the viewer of positive emotions with particular emphasis to the lives of passionate women. Her belief that art is not alien to us, but is part of everyday life, constantly talking to ourselves all the feelings that make us human beings, is reflected in each of her paintings, etchings and watercolors, and express what words cannot. Artist Lledias mainly presented collective and individual exhibitions in Canada and Australia, and her works are in private collections and institutions in these countries and the United States.


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