Prizma Art Gallery

Giancarlo Pesci

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 8201

Acrylic on canvas
24'' X 16''

Metamorphosis450 Euro
ITEM 8202

Acrilyc on Canvas
20' X 28'

ITEM 8203

Acrilyc on canvas
16'' X 20''

The Cloud750 Euro
ITEM 8204

Acrilyc on canvas
28'' X 20''

ITEM 8205

Oil on canvas
28'' X 20''

The Narcissus4200 Euro
ITEM 8206

Oil on canvas
80'' X 39''

The Thought2200 Euro
ITEM 8207

Mixed on canvas
20'' X 24''

Italian painter born in Montefiascone in 1973, now lives in Marta, province of Viterbo. Related to art and drawing since childhood, has always expressed an innate desire in the drawing which led to painting after graduating from art school and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Rome La Sapienza. Always goes in search of his own style and his way of communicating, he knows the different painters, with whom he exchanged ideas and found the color and cleanliness to create his paintings. Engaged in the representation of reality, he painted copies of artists such as Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Raphael. Undertakes many commissions for portraits and landscapes in Italy and abroad, such as Florida, New York, Taiwan, Kiev, Moscow. Unsatisfied goes towards the modern representation of the female universe that is in advertising and fashion. He loves the beauty. His artistic research comes in combining realism and surrealism, showing that the two forms can coexist and eventually merge into a set of glazes, colors, and shapes that represent a state of mind and feelings.


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