Prizma Art Gallery

Maria Gonzalez Parra

Unique semi-impressionist artist

ITEM 2701

Acrylic on canvas
28'' X 20''

ITEM 2702

Acrylic on masonite
15'' X 11''

ITEM 2703

Acrylic on canvas
28'' X 20''

ITEM 2704

Acrylic on canvas
16'' X 12''

ITEM 2705

Acrylic on canvas
15'' X 11''

The glen$350
ITEM 2706

acrylic on canvas
16'' x 12''

ITEM 2707

Acrylic on canvas
16'' X 20''

ITEM 2708

Acrilyc on canvas
28'' X 20''

The Ranch$450
ITEM 2709

Acrylic on canvas
20''X 16''

Mexican artist of Mexican landscapes and still lifes of Impressionist style. She was born in the small town of La Cañada in the state of Durango Mexico, in the year 1934. Working first as a elementary school teacher, from 1954 to 1965 she conducted her art studies with the teacher Armando Garcia Nunez. Some of her exhibitions were held in the Cultural Center Ollin Yolistly and the Pemex Tower both in Mexico City.


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