Prizma Art Gallery

Sandy Palomino

Unique abstract paintings

ITEM 3801

Mixed on masonite
24'' X 32''

ITEM 3802

Mixed on Canvas
39'' X 35''

ITEM 3804

Mixed on canvas
39'' X 39''

ITEM 3805

Mixed on canvas
59'' X 47''

The Castle$1200
ITEM 3807

Mixed on canvas
47'' X 24''

ITEM 3808

Mixed on canvas
32'' X 24''

Abstract art painter born in Mexico City on February 28 1981. She showed her concern for the visual arts from very young, early in her life she began taking painting lessons. With artist Hector Monroy she improved her technique and finded the passion for abstract art and the subject of horses, creating a collection of the subject. So she has been developing a style that has led to place her work with collectors and fans of the artistic movement and led to culminate works of high quality, many of them sold to individuals in Mexico and the United States. She has exhibited in various places, the most significant in the exhibition hall of the National Bank of Mexico in 2013.


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