Prizma Art Gallery

Enrique Nunez

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 2501

Mixed on canvas
47'' X 31''

ITEM 2502

Acrylic on paper
14'' X 18''

ITEM 2503

Mixed on canvas
35'' X 28''

Fishes$ 450
ITEM 2504

Mixed on paper
25.5'' X 17''

Lost City$450
ITEM 2505

Acrylic on paper
20'' X 26

ITEM 2506

Mixed on paper
14'' x 21''

The Pears$ 850
ITEM 2507

Mixed on canvas
28'' x 35''

Runers$ 450
ITEM 2508

Mixed on Paper
20 x 24''

ITEM 2509

Mixed on canvas
24'' X 32''

ITEM 2510

Mixed on canvas
20'' x 28''

ITEM 2511

Acrylic on canvas
20'' x 16''

ITEM 2512

Mixed on canvas
20'' x 28''

ITEM 2513

Acrylic on paper
23'' X 30''

ITEM 2514

Acrylic on canvas
28'' X 35''

ITEM 2515

Mixed on canvas
39'' x 31''

ITEM 2516

Mixed on paper
17'' X 25''

ITEM 2517

Acrylic on paper
25'' X 19''

Mexican Self-taught artist, painter of fantasy and abstract art style, born in the State of Mexico on February 21, 1949. His love for art emerged when he was 11 years old, drawing and painting in the countryside. At age 15 the master painter Guillermo Nunez invited him to learn painting techniques, achieving a high level of practice. His works are very colorful, with cartoon and abstract art elements. His art has been recognized nationally and internationally, managing to place many of his paintings in France, Argentina, Brazil and the United States. He has exhibited in various art spaces, between collective and individual: the House of Art ''La Casita Polanco'' in 2002 and the Vicente Villada Hospital in 2014.


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