Prizma Art Gallery

Ricardo Juarez

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 3301

Mixed on canvas
19'' x 24''

Light City$1850
ITEM 3302

Mixed on Canvas
45'' x 32''

ITEM 3303

Mixed on canvas
57''X 36''

Pakal King$1850
ITEM 3304

Mixed on canvas
32'' x 41''

ITEM 3305

Mixed on canvas
45'' X 32''

ITEM 3306

Mixed on canvas
45'' X 32''

ITEM 3307

Mixed on canvas
15'' x 19''

Mexican painter artist of figurative, geometric and contemporary art, who likes to display familiar, couple and spiritual themes, was born in Mexico City in 1957; he completed his academic studies at the Institute of Art and Advertising Bernal from 1975 to 1977 and continued in the Bribiesca Painting School from 1978 to 1980. He has countless exhibitions, of which we consider the most important the one collectively made in the House of Culture in Maracay, Venezuela.


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