Prizma Art Gallery

Gustavo Jaimes

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 1201

Oil on canvas
24'' x 32''

ITEM 1202

Candle smoke and
pastel on paper
8'' X 10''

ITEM 1203

Oil on canvas
28'' x 47''

ITEM 1204

Oil on canvas
35'' X 47''

ITEM 1205

Candle smoke and
pastel on paper
12'' X 16''

Impressive Mexican figurative art painter, was born in Mexico City on April 10, 1955. His figurative art has developed from an early age. Studied in the prestigious art school of La Esmeralda in 1990. Has made many solo and group exhibitions. Among the most important achievements of his career is to have made portraits of politicians and governors and being the official painter of the famous Mexican writer, poet and journalist of the nineteenth century Ignacio Ramirez. Several of these portraits are on display in the legislative chamber of the National Palace, in the building of the Supreme Court in Mexico City and in the cultural center of San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato.


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