Prizma Art Gallery

Jorge Espinosa

Unique landscape paintings

ITEM 1301

Oil on canvas
20'' X 16''

ITEM 1302

Oil on Canvas
32'' x 24''

ITEM 1303

Oil on canvas
32'' x 24''

ITEM 1304

Mixed on canvas
34'' X 27''

ITEM 1305

Oil on canvas
16'' X 12''

ITEM 1306

Oil on canvas
18'' X 14''

ITEM 1307

Oil on canvas
13.5'' X 10''

ITEM 1308

Oil on canvas
16'' X 20''

Amazing artist of landscapes born in Mexico City in 1942. Made his painting studies under the direction of maestro Miguel Angel espinosa. His interest in the visual arts led him to discover his technique he calls "PlasticOleo" based on acrylic and oil finish of pointillism. To date, he makes Mexican landscape paintings with a technique combining the spatula and brush. In recognition of his artistic quality he has had the opportunity to exhibit his work in museums, science centers and planetariums around the world. He has presented solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa and France. "To understand the hidden depths of the intangible universe, we have to open up the wonderful temple of the imagination."


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