Prizma Art Gallery

Elias Escalante

Amazing landscape paintings

ITEM 1101

Oil on canvas
12'' X 16''

ITEM 1102

Oil on Canvas
24'' X 20''

ITEM 1103

Oil on canvas
28'' X 39''

ITEM 1104

Oil on canvas
12'' X 16''

Mexican artist, lover of mexican landscape, studied at the National School of Architecture of Mexico and the School of Artistic Initiation of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico. He worked in the workshops of important artists like Carlos Navarro and Jose Samano. His most important exhibitions took place at the mexican congress in 1992, in the presidency of the republic in 1985. His paintings have been bought by top Mexican politicians, one of his paintings was sold to the brokerage that represents Enrique Peña Nieto, current president of Mexico. He is a lover of the culture and customs of the Mexican people and this is reflected in the realism of his landscapes.


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