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Denisse Sanchez

Great abstract paintings

The Mirror$2950
ITEM 9506

Mixed on canvas
79'' X 39''

ITEM 9501

Oil on canvas
39'' X 24''

ITEM 9504

Oil on canvas
28'' X 32''

Denisse Sánchez Erosa is a visual artist born in Mérida Yucatán on December 16, 1982. Anthropologist and writer, enters the visual arts initially through drawing, experimenting with facial deconstruction and self-exploration, showing great interest in the human body and psychology. In painting stands out in abstraction. Her style is characterized by a set of contrasts and a great variety of colors, as well as the use of mixtures that detonate in the purification of a personal, organic and poetic symbolic code. Among the themes recurring in her work are Eros and Thanatos, the perpetual movement as well as a variety of citations, metaphors and other rhetorical games. She is currently studying a postgraduate degree in production and teaching in Visual Arts at the Yucatan Higher School of Arts. Her art has been presented in numerous galleries in Mexico. In October of 2014 she mounted the exposition “Interior Alchemy” in the Yucatán Country Club of the city of Merida.


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