Prizma Art Gallery

Luis David

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 1806

Mixed on wood
20'' X 45''

ITEM 1801

Mixed on masonite
23.5'' X 31.5''

ITEM 1802

Mixed on masonite
12'' X 37''

ITEM 1804

Mixed on wood
32'' X 28''

Jardu City$1150
ITEM 1805

Mixed on masonite
37'' X 12''

Painter of abstract style, born in Mexico City in 1973. Attends lessons of sculpture, painting and engraving in the workshops of the Cultural Centre Juan Jose Arreola of the National University of Mexico. The painting of Luis David is full of chromatic textures, and plays with light in high and low relief with contrasts that have been achieved through the research of materials, which are always pleasing to the eye and the senses, achieving a personal style. Multifaceted artist with techniques and issues in this case moving to the abstraction of interior landscapes, marked in the sand, the red pigment and the permanence of the worked sand with spatulas and various tools. His work is in private collections in countries like Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States, Morocco, and Spain.


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