Prizma Art Gallery

Susana Cossio

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 4201

Oil on panel
16''X 20''

ITEM 4202

Oil on canvas
16''X 20''

ITEM 4203

Acrylic on masonite
8'' X 10''

ITEM 4204

Acrylic on canvas
20'' X 32''

ITEM 4205

Acrylic on canvas
24'' X 35''

ITEM 4206

Acrylic on canvas
16'' X 47''

ITEM 4207

Watercolor on paper
14'' X 20''

The Party$350
ITEM 4208

Acrylic on masonite
8'' X 10''

The Pull$650
ITEM 4209

Oil on canvas
16'' X 20''

Mexican artist of Surrealism, Fantasy, Still Life and Figurative Subject, born in Mexico City. Her attitudes awoke for art at an early age; and so she joined the School of Art and Advertising of Mexico, where she received the knowledge of great masters, including Alberto Beltran and Gustavo Alaniz. Her penchant for painting, makes her participate in the Hall of Watercolor contest, which was founded by the artist Alfredo Guati Rojo, in which she won the second place. Moreover, she worked in advertising for over thirty years, and in turn continuously participates in group exhibitions. Her outstanding work led her to discover new techniques of painting, and in her works she translates dreams of a life beyond reality with characters and figures depicting imaginary animals, painted in vivid colors, a tradition called Alebrijes.


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