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Adriana Constanza

Amazing abstract and figurative paintings

ITEM 9001

Mixed on canvas
24'' X 20''

Inside Out$1750
ITEM 9002

Mixed on Canvas
39'' X 20''

ITEM 9003

Mixed on canvas
20'' X 16''

ITEM 9004

Mixed on canvas
39'' X 39''

ITEM 9005

Oil on canvas
20'' x 24''

Painter of abstract, figurative and surreal art, born in Mexico City. She made her studies at the Art Institute of Mexico, with maestro Alfredo Guati Rojo, School of Painting and Sculpture “La Esmeralda”, and also studied engraving at the Academy of San Carlos. The painting of Adriana Constanza is a new mexican surrealist vision that achieves to communicate through smooth lines and subtle color in a fascinating scenery where the unexpected is the issue. It is the portrait of a life full of hallucinations and fantasies; she paints women as a symbol of purity, love, passion and fertility always surrounded by flowers. Her most important exhibitions were held in the Mexico City Museum, at the International Airport of the City of Guadalajara and at the Misrachi Gallery in Mexico City.


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