Prizma Art Gallery

Sergio Calderon

Unique figurative paintings

ITEM 6901

Mixed on paper
12'' X 18''

ITEM 6902

Mixed on panel
20'' X 28''

ITEM 6903

Oil on masonite
32'' X 20''

ITEM 6904

Oil on canvas
28'' X 16''

ITEM 6905

Mixed on panel
20'' X 24''

ITEM 6906

Oil on canvas
39'' X 59''

ITEM 6907

Oil on canvas
16'' X 28''

ITEM 6908

Oil on canvas
20'' X 28''

ITEM 6909

Oil on canvas
16'' X 20''

The Dream$1650
ITEM 6910

Mixed on paper
28'' X 20''

ITEM 6911

Mixed on panel
28'' X 39''

ITEM 6912

Oil on panel
15'' X 23''

ITEM 6913

Oil on canvas
12'' X 16''

ITEM 6914

Oil on canvas
55'' X 39''

ITEM 6915

Mixed on canvas
78'' X 47''

Mexican painter of figurative style. He always seeks to perfect the classical techniques in various workshops and courses with recognized national and international teachers. His work aims to address social criticism from a poetic and metaphorical language using as main character a woman, by the enormous expressive and visual burden of this, using a conventional technique uses the realism by the proximity of dialogue with the viewer, but does not rule out the use of plastic experimentation and abstraction trying to generate a visual symbiosis between classical techniques and new technologies. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe and Asia, and his works are in private collections in Mexico, USA and Europe.


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