Prizma Art Gallery

Rocio Arroyo

Unique Surrealist paintings

ITEM 8101

Oil on wood
12'' X 16''

ITEM 8103

Oil on wood
16'' x 24''

ITEM 8107

acrylic on canvas
20'' X 28''

ITEM 8108

Oil on canvas
29'' X 16''

ITEM 8109

Acrylic on canvas
20'' X 16''

ITEM 8110

acrylic on canvas
24'' x 12''

ITEM 8111

Oil on canvas
24'' X 12''

ITEM 8112

Oil on wood
16''X 24''

Surrealist painter, born in Mexico City in 1959. From an early age she showed great talent for drawing and painting. She first studied art at a School of Drawing, Advertising and Painting in 1975, also began taking classes with teacher Aleyra Perez in the Julio Ruelas workshop, and then with the Master Alejandro Rojas she learned the concepts and studies of materials, helping her improving her technique and style. Many of her artworks have been sold in Mexico and abroad because her style is very appreciated by collectors. She has conducted 14 individual exhibitions throughout her career, most importantly the ones called "Life and Metamorphosis" in 1984, "search unfinished" in 1989, "heritage" in 1992 and "between her and I" in 2010.


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